February 21, 2019

Amazon and Ecommerce Sites contacting U.S. Companies about VAT

U.S. companies selling products online in Germany and/or rest of EU are receiving emails from Amazon and other online ecommerce sites. Our team at Euro VAT Refund, Inc. started to receive calls and emails from North American companies wondering about VAT registration and their VAT obligations when selling through Amazon and eBay in the EU.

In the last few weeks, Amazon and other online sellers are telling North American companies to register for VAT if they are importing to, storing goods at fulfillment warehouses and selling to customers in various EU countries. Many North American companies are unaware of their VAT registration obligations and liabilities, and the associated costs for appropriate VAT compliance. Registration for VAT is required in each country where goods are to be stored. On the other hand, you generally do NOT need to be registered for VAT if you ship from your North American warehouse directly to the EU customer once they have placed the order and paid. Companies are experiencing difficulties communicating to Amazon and other sellers.

We are happy to discuss your company’s VAT registration responsibilities and answer any questions related to VAT when selling on Amazon, eBay within the EU. We are also happy to communicate with then on your behalf. Feel free to contact our VAT experts for further details and information.


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