June 27, 2019

Are You Surprised Germany Might Raise Taxes on Meat?

And Germany isn’t the only country considering introducing a meat tax – Denmark and Sweden have also been looking into it. The idea is: higher taxes will curb meat consumption by consumers. The argument is that the amount of factory-farmed meat we eat is unsustainable, and higher tax may be a good way to kickstart some widespread behavior changes.

‘Sin taxes’ is the name sometimes given to taxes on products considered harmful to humans. Such products generate proportionally higher costs when we use or consume them, in terms of macro effects, healthcare and other services.

Cigarettes and alcohol, have higher tax rates in most countries around the world. Proposals for introducing sin taxes around the world have faced a lot of controversy. Sin taxes may lead to decreased consumption and bigger picture changes; In Illinois taxes introduced on beer and spirits in 2009 saw a 25 percent decrease in deaths from drunk-driving in 2010 and 2011.

Sin tax opponents however believe they infringe personal liberty and disproportionately affect lower income households. Despite the controversy, lawmakers in Germany are now proposing a new tax – on meat.

Eat less meat or you might be paying more taxes in Europe. EuroVAT is not to blame for these taxes, nor take credit for your weight-loss, improved health and/or a better planet.


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