May 22, 2023

United Kingdom: HMRC Closed their VAT Registration Helpline

Starting Monday, May 22, the UK Tax Authorities (HMRC) freed up VAT helpline staff resources. At the moment they are overwhelmed with processing VAT registration applications. Our team at EuroVAT has noticed a bit of a slow-down recently.

This means traders who have a concern around their VAT registration application are not receiving assistance. 85% of calls to the helpline were from companies chasing the progress of their application (according to HMRC data). Our team at EuroVAT is celebrating 30 years of VAT assistance for U.S. and Canadian companies! We are happy to register your company for VAT, assist with reporting, accounting, set-up correct procedures, help educate your team and make sure you are always on track. Please email us today at


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